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Bumper Boats at Fernwood Hotel & Resort

Open from early spring through late fall, splash and play in front of Fernwood Hotel & Resort in our bumper boats. It's great fun. Bump into family and friends as you laugh out loud playing on the lake. Bumper boats are also a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day here in the Poconos. Pilot your bumper boat to outmaneuver all the other bumper boats to strike first and often and keep from being bumped under the fountain where you're sure to get wet. It's just as much fun to keep your bumper boat still and let everyone else bump into you - either way you'll have a great time.


Weekends in May: Noon to 5pm*
After Memorial Day: Open Daily 11am to 6pm*
After Labor Day: Open Weekends Noon to 5pm*


*Weather permitting.